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Your Winter Of Winning Performance

November 28th, 2011 1:37 PM by Lehel S.

Your Winter Of Winning Performance


This week, I told some friends that "for some reason" I've been unusually energized, focused and productive. Afterward, I realized there's no mystery. I know exactly why I'm so

excited: Winter is coming!


Obviously, every season has its strong points, but for me fall and winter have always been connected with "production." I think of winter days spent reading, writing, being on the phone with colleagues, getting stuff done. The crisp, cool mornings energize me, and I love that!


(For our subscribers "down under," I know your summer is coming, and you'll be enjoying all things we'll be missing here in the frozen north! Have a great, and productive,



For the majority of TIPS subscribers, it's autumn and this is the BEST time to achieve your most important goals!


Since you won't be tempted by the beach, how will you use the time? Since you won't be playing much golf or tennis, what projects will you focus on and get DONE this winter?


Your possibilities are unlimited! Some TIPS subscribers will write that novel they've been meaning to write. Some will be buying real estate while interest rates are low and the competition refuses to fight the snow and cold. Some will take that trip to Fiji or Rio they've dreamed about all these years! Others will be making sales and earning fantastic year-end commissions. How will YOU use the dark days of winter?


Here's a key point: You aren't likely to hit anything in particular unless you DECIDE in advance and make the COMMITMENT to "git 'er done."


As long-time subscribers know, I am slightly suspicious of most "goals." I put "goals" in quotes because far too many of the "goals" I hear about are merely nice-sounding hot air. Many "goals" are just written descriptions of things we wish or hope or fantasize about, and they become set-ups for frustration.


The reality is that human beings are magnificent goal- achieving creatures, but ONLY when we aim at SPECIFIC targets that we REALLY want! Writing down a nice-sounding number because your doctor wants you to exercise, or your boss wants you to sell more is usually a waste of time.

Don't do that to yourself!


Instead, decide what you really want to achieve this winter.

What would be fun and exciting? What would give you a powerful sense of fulfillment or delight? Is there a 90-day project that would make life better? If it fires you up and gets you going, write it down and go for it!


Second, make it measurable and specific. Put some dates and numbers on it! Do a thousand push-ups in 30 days. Increase sales 18% by year-end or read (and finish) "War and Peace"

by your birthday. Be daring. Be specific. Go big!


Third, develop a reasonable (believable) strategy. A goal without a plan is just a pipe dream, so figure out how you can "win" this time. Will you get up earlier? Will you re- write your website? Will you make more calls, or hire a coach? You need a "recipe" to achieve your goal, a blueprint for success. Take time to do it right.


Fourth, tell some people who will cheer you on and hold you accountable. This can be tricky because many people will claim to support you while in fact they raise doubts, criticize or undermine you. So choose carefully, but get some cheerleaders!


Fifth--this is the easy part--get to work! Now that you've got a target, a plan and a support team, DO what you've promised to do. Make the calls. Run the laps. Put the money in savings. Read a few pages each day. Whatever your goal and your strategy for achievement, "git 'er done."


For winners, winter is an amazingly time of year. While nature (and most of the competition) is sleeping, winners use the winter to stay focused and achieve greatness. What will you accomplish this winter? What magnificent goals will you achieve? Decide to make this your most productive season ever, then get to work. Make it happen. "Git 'er done!"
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Posted by Lehel S. on November 28th, 2011 1:37 PM



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