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The New Science of Success!

March 19th, 2011 8:31 AM by Lehel S.

The New Science of Success!


Several years ago, someone said we were in the "age of anxiety." Little did they know! During the past couple of years savings and retirement plans have shrunk, millions of homes are "under water" (what a terrible image that is!), debt and deficits have soared, unemployment is far too high, and "anxiety" has taken on a whole new meaning! I think it's a tremendous testimony to human courage that many of us endure and do as well as we do! These are tough times.


But not for everyone. Even in the worst recession in 70 years, millions of people continue to achieve one success after another. Often it's in business and they are still making sales, growing their business and finding ways to prosper in the midst of bad times. Millions of people go right on achieving their personal goals of fitness, family life, spiritual peace, learning new skills or writing the novel they've always wanted to write. How do they do it?


Whatever their personal dream, some people have found the "secret" to achieving their goals no matter what the external circumstances.


I assume they may have had to adjust or adapt to this new world situation. In some cases, they may find it "harder" or slower or they may have to find a new "way to get there,"

but some people seem to thrive no matter what. Some people have "all the luck!" Some achieve their financial goals even in hard times. How do they do it?


There is no magic and there is no "secret!" But there are principles and processes that some people know and apply.

And unfortunately, too many people either don't know them, don't understand them, or don't apply the principles and so they struggle and often fail to achieve their dreams.


Is there really a "recipe" for success? I think so!


Is it really universal? Does it really work for anyone and let them achieve virtually any goal? Yes, I think so!


There are reliable, repeatable systems and processes that, when understood and applied properly, can help you save for the future, invest well, enjoy a happy family, write a novel or run a marathon. These powerful, universal techniques have been used by successful people in every area of life. These tools will help you raise a teenager, maintain your health, start a business, develop more patience or even run for political office! These PRINCIPLES and TECHNIQUES make all the difference!


And two miraculous truths: (1) They are not a "secret!" They have been known, taught and used through the ages! And (2) they can be used by anyone who desires to learn and apply them.


You can find them in books and audio programs--often free at your local library. You can learn them from a good mentor or coach. But if you want the ultimate in convenience, please join me for 8 weeks this fall. I'll be teaching them in a series of live, weekly teleclasses. I'll give them to you as a series of mini-ebooks and as recordings so you'll have the info forever and can review it as often as you wish. We'll talk about them so you really "GET IT!" We'll answer your questions and you can test them in real life to prove to yourself that they work. And if you get stuck or confused, we'll coach you!


I hope you'll step up. Make the investment. Learn the skills that will let you achieve your goals and dreams for the rest of your life! We begin next week, so take action TODAY! Get the info and register at:http://TheNewScienceofSuccess.com

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Posted by Lehel S. on March 19th, 2011 8:31 AM



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