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The Issues of Living a GREAT Life

November 20th, 2011 9:02 AM by Lehel S.

The Issues of Living a GREAT Life


I've been reviewing my materials on living a World Class Life in preparation for announcing our first teleclass version. For 15 years, I ran an annual retreat in Wisconsin focused on living and loving a GREAT life. It became an institution, and over the years hundreds of people joined us for 3 days to make life better. Dozens of people came back year after year (many people attended five or more times!) to focus on living a life of peace, passion, power, prosperity and personal fulfillment.


After 15 years, it seemed like that format had run its course but the interest in living a GREAT life is never- ending. In fact, it seems like the stresses and challenges of the recession have actually heightened interest! In a world where prosperity and personal satisfaction are ever more elusive, I think the desire for balance, personal power and fulfillment are even more intense. So, we'll offer the program in a new web version that allows people to attend from the comfort of their homes.


The basic questions, issues and answers have not changed.


HOW does one create a World Class Life? What are the skills or techniques, the values and choices that lead to personal fulfillment? How do busy people meet the challenges of life while finding time and energy for personal peace, for intimate relationships, for clarity and power? What are the keys or insights that let some people achieve more while still living balanced, satisfying lives?


Obviously no one article can address all of that! But here are some clues that can be addressed, or at least be listed briefly.


1.  Balance between Being and Doing.

The issue is to live in the present, enjoying each day, while also creating value and achieving the prosperity we long for. No one wants to "sit on a rock" and meditate while struggling in poverty. And, very few people find ultimate fulfillment in working long and hard, doing a lot and accumulating possessions but ultimately dying unsatisfied.

The key is finding balance and meaning in our lives.


2.  Strategic Goals vs. Spontaneity

Again, the issue is the inevitable tension between striving to create a future that is fulfilling, meaningful and satisfying, while enjoying the creative process every day.

Some people are so focused on "getting there" that they miss the journey, and that is very sad. Others know the beauty of a sunrise or have a knack for "smelling the roses" every day, but fail to achieve their potential and die with their music still inside them, unshared and undeveloped.


3.  Perfection vs. Settling too easily

The quest to make life "perfect" can be a frustrating dead- end. Life will never be exactly the way we prefer, but it is (in a sense) already "perfect." If we too easily accept the annoyances of life, we end up living with clutter, confusion, and frustration. But, if we rail against the small things in life, we end up tilting at windmills and fighting battles best avoided. A GREAT life changes the things it can, while accepting and making peace with the things that cannot be avoided.


4.  Integrity vs. Fragmentation

A GREAT life is a seamless whole. It is a life lived without hypocrisy or doubt, but it is also a life of flexibility, one that adapts to new or changing situations, that is patient and kind even in difficult circumstances. Modern life requires each of us to play many roles and do many things, and this can tear us apart. We are always trying to "catch up" or please others. We end up keeping our opinions and preferences to ourselves lest we be dismissed as "know- it-alls." A GREAT life finds balance and integrity in the midst of life's conflicting demands.


A World Class Life is life as it was meant to be lived. It is the birthright of every human being and it can be mastered! The challenge is that we are often unclear about our most important priorities and highest aspirations. Too often, we are confused about who we are and what we want to do with our one and only, precious life! Sorting this out and mastering the skills of a GREAT life have never been more important.


Take time to do this. Make the investment. Make it a priority and determine that, above all else, you will create and live the life you were born for!

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Posted by Lehel S. on November 20th, 2011 9:02 AM



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