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May 15th, 2011 7:01 AM by Lehel S.


Everyone fails at something from time to time, but some people use mistakes to spur them on to success while others are crippled by them. The difference is in perspective. Successful people view failure as valuable feedback which can help them achieve greater results. Unsuccessful people become incapacitated by errors and often quit trying. If you want to succeed, it is critical to Overcome Fear of Failure. This can be done with the right attitude and strategy.

First, it is important to take action. Get in the habit of trying new, bold things, which will help you get comfortable with change. It is not important what you do as long as you keep trying different things. Action is a key ingredient when you are trying to Overcome Fear of Failure.

Secondly, do not give up. The most successful people keep trying things until something works. Many great inventions and ideas were created by someone who refused to quit. Do not take mistakes personally. Failure is not about your personality, it is about the results of certain behaviors. Learn to change what is not working. If you do not like what is happening, try something else, and keep changing until you like the results.

Be kind to yourself along the way. Mistakes are just events which can provide valuable information about what does not work. When you are working to Overcome Fear of Failure, it helps to try to take a lesson out of each event and see what it can teach. You may also want to try to figureout why something happened, whether it could have been prevented, and what can be improved next time. This feedback can point you in a better direction. Look for any opportunities that may come from a happening. Often
negative events contain the seeds of a new or better opportunity.

Check to determine if you are failing often enough. Anyone who is trying to Overcome Fear of Failure needs have as many experiences as possible. If you are not failing on a regular basis, you are not trying enough new things. The more you try, fail, and learn, the faster you eliminate the fear factor and reach your goals.

Another means of eliminating fear of failure is to have a ‘plan b’ in place for your objectives or what you are hoping to achieve. That means having a contingency plan to reduce element of risk. So that if your first plan goes wrong, you have a solid back up plan to compensate for it.

It’s also beneficial talking to a trusted friend or family member about how you are feeling. If you prefer, you can also seek professional advice from a psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor or counsellor. Expressing your concerns to someone close to you or a professional could help enhance your level of confidence and self-belief.   So you can overcome the fear factor or the psychological shackles that are stopping you from putting your objectives into action in order to achieve the ultimate goals.

All great achievers in the history of mankind have one thing in common. They have all been dreamers. By simply visualising or imagining what positive impact achieving your goals will have on your lifestyle; could give you the much needed extra motivation and determination to help eliminate your fears. In order words, think of all the positive things you could miss out on in the future if you don’t take action now to achieve what you want. And that may trigger extra inner desire to overcome fear of failure that holds you back.

Don’t picture yourself as a failure, but as an achiever. The one major obstacle most people face is already thinking negatively they can’t do something even before trying. They are already giving in to failure beforehand and staying in their comfort zone. Think positive. Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a mindset that you will succeed at whatever you do rather than fail is a good way to avoid the difficulty in pushing yourself forward to achieve your goals. The key point here is that the more you see yourself as a failure, the more fear will control you and restrain your life. And the more you picture yourself as a winner, the less fear will control your life and the more liberated you become about taking the plunge to accomplish your objectives.

In life, going into the unknown creates the fear factor. Having no idea of what you are dealing with can be really daunting, as potential consequencies or pitfalls seem to appear far worse than they actually are. By thoroughly researching all the possible outcomes (involving the good and the bad), will help you overcome the fear of failure. Solid research regarding the objectives you are hoping to achieve; will certainly help you understand the risks associated with failure and the advantages of success.

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Posted by Lehel S. on May 15th, 2011 7:01 AM



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