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July 17th, 2011 12:51 PM by Lehel S.


Hi there life-adventurer! So, you probably have a goal or dream you’ve been thinking about. Maybe it’s becoming a published author, starting a business, meeting some new friends, finding a love partner, or just getting your beloved to stop snoring.

Here’s a fun activity to try, while also working on your internet skills: start a free website at Yola.com (a free website builder), Blogspot.com (a free blog builder), a Meetup.com group, or a Craigslist.org posting about your personal vision. As you create this posting on the web, you’ll be creating a “vision board,” by including pictures and words and key phrases that clarify who you are, what you want to attract, and what kind of help you’d like others to bring to the table. By putting your unique message out there, you will both be creating an extension of your spirit to broadcast to the universe, as well as gaining insight into yourself by discovering the different ideas which come to you during the creating process. By building this public mirror to reflect what’s going on inside of you, you can
evaluate, from a more objective place, what you can do to help reach your goals. Take time to work on this site or post regularly, so that your mind’s eye stays focused on those things which are most important to you. Sometimes just organizing your problem or goal in a different medium can change the way your brain approaches it, and may lead to a flash of incredible insight.

Things to include:

Pictures of what you want.
A description of what you want.
A description about you.
A description of what obstacles you face.
What you envision as your ideal situation, starting with phrases such as “I will have…” or “I have…”
How you’d like the world or individuals to help you.
What would you like to give back to the world or individuals.
And don’t forget to add some way of contacting you, like an email, if you want people to be able to reach out with help or connect!

Here’s my example: InternetVisionBoard.yolasite.com

By posting on the net, you’re reaching out to a very large community. Almost two billion people use the internet. And while it sometimes takes a while for your site to be noticed, you’re more likely to attract help on your goal if you put it out there than if you don’t. In fact, once you have your site or posting up, you can bring help your way by contacting other people on the internet who seem like they have goals similar to your own, and could share insight, join you in your cause, or know people who would. Through media such as Twitter, Facebook, or good old fashioned email, you can send people personally tailored messages about your site. Reach out to me to share the link to your internet vision board, at: info@confidenceandclarity.com or to ask questions! Meanwhile, more introverted goal-seekers can simply create their internet posting and let people find them if they are meant to do so, while using the process of creating their posting to learn more about themselves!

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Posted by Lehel S. on July 17th, 2011 12:51 PM



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