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Self-Improvement - 8 Keys to More Happiness in Your Life

July 12th, 2010 4:33 PM by Lehel S.

Self-Improvement - 8 Keys to More Happiness in Your Life - By Sylvie Strong ***

Do you feel like you are in a rut? In our fast-paced society, it is easy to feel dissatisfied with what life offers. Consider these important tips for self-improvement and you will make more out of your time and your life.

1. Happiness Begins With Your Body
Focus on a healthy body first. Get plenty of sleep. 8 hours if you can spare it. If you cannot get 8 hours every night, go to town on a weekend night and go to bed without setting your alarm for the morning. Have a nice set of blackout blinds in your room so that the sun cannot wake you. Some people say that you cannot ever catch up with sleep and if you miss sleep during the week, sleeping longer in the weekend will not reset the clock. I think those people are stupid! Get 8 hours every night if you can, but having a weekend sleep-in once in a while can do wonders for your state of mind.

A healthy diet is critical too. Consult a nutritionist or educate yourself on healthy eating habits. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Exercise. If you do not use your body, you will begin losing the use of your body as you get older. Nothing helps your mental and physical well being better than regular exercise. Hit the gym or your local yoga class a few times a week. Even taking a walk a few times a week can help.

2. Take Stock Of The Good Things In Your Life
You are luckier than you think. It is helpful to periodically take stock of all of the positive things in your life. Your family and friends may rank high on that list. Your health may as well. By focusing on the gifts you have received you will have perspective on the lemons that life throws at you.

3. Avoid Jumping To Negative Conclusions
It is human nature to walk around with a certain degree of anxiety or fear that others will think negatively of us. When we perceive negativity or distress in another person, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that they are unhappy with us or that we did something to cause them distress. Do not assume that. Find out if another person is truly unhappy with you or if there is something else that is bothering them. By doing so you will prevent misunderstandings and a rift in your relationship. Moreover, if you find out that something else is bothering them, maybe you can offer them comfort or help them with their problem. Simple empathy with the problems of another human being is good for others and good for you.

4. Everything is Gray
Our minds tend to want to think in black and white. But human motivations and behaviors are generally shaded in gray. Rather than attaching absolute qualities (good or bad) to people, recognize that human beings are very complicated. If someone does something that makes you happy, their behavior does not necessarily reflect on some absolute quality they cannot change. Instead, communicate with them to understand their motivations and see if you can work with them to develop a better relationship.

5. Avoid Negativity
Negativity can ruin your life. It affects your mood and your health. It poisons your relationship with other people. Recognize negativity in yourself and let it simply float away. If you find yourself drowning in negative thoughts, sometimes it helps to stop what you are doing and do something completely different. Go for a nice brisk walk through the park or go have some ice cream! A positive outlook can improve your life. A negative one never does.

6. Embrace the Healing Power of Touch
Human beings thrive on touch. Hugs will help your state of mind. Give and receive them often. You will help yourself and improve the lives of your friends and family. Get frequent massages, either from massage therapists or loved ones. It will improve your life. Better yet, get training and certification as a massage therapist. You will be the most popular person in your neighborhood!

7. You Are A Social Animal. Act Like It!
Human beings are social creatures. Invest in your social network and make spending time with friends and family a priority. Become involved in social activities that bring you in contact with new potential friends. There is nothing more detrimental to your mental health than being alone.

8. Help Yourself By Helping Others
It is hard to believe but the more you help other people the happier you will be. Try it! Lend emotional support to friends and family. Start there and then take it up a notch by volunteering for charitable organizations in your community. You will not believe how much purpose and happiness will come to your life if you spend time helping others.

Keep these 8 tips in mind and you will see more happiness in your own life and you will enrich the lives of the people around.

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Sylvie Strong writes on a number of issues of interest to her readers. She has recently become focused on energy efficient home improvements, and how they can save you money, help the environment and increase the comfort of your home. Click these links for more information on blackout blinds or energy efficient window curtains.

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Posted by Lehel S. on July 12th, 2010 4:33 PM



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