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Whether you're a seller or a buyer, I know the local market of Covina. Working with me, you can count on a superior experience and the most results-oriented real estate professional Covina has to offer.

For the Seller...

Get results in Covina with All Seasons Real Estate, Inc as your agent - (626) 339-0697

  • Updated Market Data
    I'll perform a Comparative Market Analysis to help establish the listing price and choose the publicity strategy.
  • Experience
    Using my expertise, I'll obtain the best deal for you.
  • The Best Customer Service
    I'll help you wade through the complexities of selling your home; avoiding hassles and stress.
  • Unmatched Commitment
    I'll initiate a comprehensive promotion strategy that includes print, web and outdoor advertising with one-to-one marketing.
  • Local Expert
    Working my connections in the local market of Covina, California, I'll begin promoting your property to agents and potential buyers as soon as I secure the listing.
  • Time-Management
    I'll post your home to the local Covina MLS within 24 to 48 hours.

As a Buyer, You Want...

Get results in/> Covina with
All Seasons Real Estate, Inc as your real estate agent -
(626) 339-0697

  • Real-time Market Stats
    Following market conditions, I'll know if a listing price is out of line, or something you should jump on. You won't waste your time seeing houses that aren't a good buy.
  • Experience
    Using many years experience, I'll champion for the best deal for you.
  • Support
    You'll understand the buying process, and will be confident enough to make educated decisions.
  • Unmatched Commitment
    You'll see houses when you're ready to see them - it's common for me to work late hours and weekends.
  • Covina, California Expert
    You'll have fresh information about neighborhoods, schools and the local economy of Covina, California.
  • Time-Management
    You'll know about new houses listed in Covina within 24 to 48 hours.