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Re-Writing Your Story

May 9th, 2010 8:30 AM by Lehel S.

Re-Writing Your Story

I am thrilled and excited and oh so very pleased with what we have done…

Iain and I spend a lot of time in contemplation and conversation – asking

“How May We Be of Even Greater Service?”

It is through this asking that I approached our friend Aila Accad (ailaspeaks.com ) to ask her if she would collaborate with us on a special project.   The result – an 18 minute journey that we have decided to call

“Re-Writing Your Story”

Over the course of the past 10 years I have spent 1000s of hours reading, praying, meditating, contemplating, experimenting, discussing, challenging, wondering, asking questions and learning to stay open to the answers…

And it is from this space that I chose now not to provide any theories or “truths” as to why this 18 minute journey has such power to change your life.  I do not know if the stories that we change as we go through the journey represent a past life or the life of an ancestor who passed on its memory through our DNA – or if it is only a metaphorical representation of  a limiting belief that we have been holding in our space.

What I have experienced and know to be true is that as I work with this journey and implement the teachings I am learning, my life is expanding in so many wonderful, thrilling ways.

We have decided not to sell this Journey – it was not created for the specific purpose of adding a few more dollars in our pocket.  Instead – if you are interested in Re-Writing Your Story with the use of this recording we are simply asking you to help us Spread the Word about the Evolution Ezine and what we are doing.  To Learn more visit…..Evolution Friends

The Journey

To begin the Journey you are asked to set an intention.  What area of your life do you want to learn more about?  Where do you want things to expand or change or shift.

After a few moments of centering and relaxing you will be instructed to enter a Mansion of many rooms.  Look around the mansion and take it in with all your senses.

In the Mansion there are many doors.  One of those doors will call to you.  Behind it lies the story or experience that locked in the the Limitation you are now looking to release. You will be directed to open and step through the door…

As you step through the door you will be directed to look around.  You will become aware of an activity or an event taking place.  One person will catch your attention more than the others – It is this person that represents you…

Allow the experience to unfold – yet remain aware that you are the observer at this point – not the experiencer…

Once the scene is played out you will be given the opportunity to go in and rewrite it – to change it so that it has whatever ending you want.  Allow yourself to know what to do here.  Feel the experience and take complete control over it.

It is here that you will also be given the opportunity to turn off the recording so that you may take all the time necessary to craft the scene as you wish…

When it is completed Aila’s voice will guide you back out of the Mansion and into your physical body.  It is recommended that you set aside a few minutes to…

  • Write out your journey
  • Note how you feel
  • List any new learnings, skills, or new actions that you have been instructed to take as a result of this journey.

This last step – listing and then implementing New Learning – is key to cementing the new experience into your present reality.  Though a tremendous shift is taking place each time you go on this journey – to make it really powerful it is important that you commit to taking whatever action has been suggested…

Also it is really important to allow whatever happens during your journey to be OK.  Do not force anything and do not judge.  If it feels like nothing is happening then allow that to be OK – pay attention to the “nothing” and watch your reaction to it.  What story are you telling yourself and in what way can you change the story to allow in more light?

Also let it be OK to “make it all up” .  Pretend you are a child again creating a story.  Reach for the stars and allow them to fill your world.

What I would like to do now is share with you the first 3 experiences I had as I took the Journey to Re-Write My Story.   As I share these stories with you please understand that what I am also doing is entrusting, with love, my story, openly and without reservation.   I do so with the intention that these stories will help guide you to the Light that shines within you now – and that it provides you with a path to allow it to shine upon and bless us all…

The First Journey

This first journey may have been for me the most powerful.  I hadn’t intended to journey – it was the first recording of the mp3 and my goal was to listen to it once, paying attention to the details so that I can get back to Aila about my thoughts concerning the “mechanics” .  I didn’t, therefore, set a specific intention and was surprise that….

As I got to the place in the recording that identified the many doors in the Mansion I noticed a space without a door.  It was just an opening in the wall and all I could see as I looked through it was blackness.

I stepped through the opening and felt myself falling and falling and falling.  I remember thinking “so much for my being able to share my experience with the Evolution Ezine Community – all I am doing is falling”

And then I found myself barefoot in the sand.  As I looked around I discovered a gathering of people all in a panic.  I realized that I was taken to the time of the Exodus from Egypt and I was witnessing the panic being experienced by the people after Moses left to climb the mountain.

I watched as one person pulled away and began to run.  I  felt the panic and shear terror being experienced by this person.  I understood that this person felt that God could communicate only through Moses and without Moses he was alone – isolated and without hope.  I watched as this person ran and ran into the desert eventually dying while holding on to this sense of panic, separation, and isolation.

The Re-Write…

I entered the persona of this person before the panic took over complete control.  I felt the feeling of isolation and abandonment (which felt very familiar).  I walked slowly away from the community of people and found myself a big shade tree to sit under (love how my imagination was able to create such a beautiful tree in the middle of the desert).

As I sat under the tree I made a simple request… “God if you are there I require that you allow me to feel you.  Show me that I am not alone”

I then sat and waited and soon became aware of the most loving caress flowing through me – from the inside out.  I felt loved and contained and open.  I watched as  a pinpoint of light became visible within the center of my being – and I watched as that light began to grow larger and larger  until it filled me and then flowed out of me.

I knew that I was not alone, that I was never alone, and that I was loved.

I stood and walked back to the gathering.  I could see a path of flourescent light flow from me and onto the ground behind me.

As I entered the gathering some were aware of the light and stepped into it and were soothed by it – and others ignored it completed.

I was unaffected either way.  I remained within the light, in a state of peace and openness.

Over the next days I went about the task of survival in the desert staying blissfully within the light.  And when Moses returned from the Mountain he saw clearly the path of light that  I had created.  He came to me and hugged me without a word.

And our journey continued – with its highs and lows and struggles.  And through it all I remained contained within the light….

Journey #2

The second time in I set the intention to identify and remove the Block to Abundance.   I held this intention, took a cleansing breath and begin the journey.

As I  looked upon the row of doors within the Mansion my attention became focused upon a plain wooden door with a red light seeping around its edges.

I opened the door, took a step, and experienced a small step into deep sand which was sucking me in…

I was sinking into quicksand.

I remembered that at this stage I was to witness, not experience, so I stepped out and watched as the young native boy disappeared into the sand.

I became aware of his story.  He was a boy coming of age in a tribe that was experiencing famine and hardship.  This boy had a lot of judgement concerning those that led the tribe and felt that he could do it better.  He took off on a vision quest but did not take the time to clear and connect.  He just ran, relying on himself alone, and all he discovered was the quicksand.


I became the boy venturing out on his Vision Quest only this time I found a quiet place to sit and I surrendered, asking “How May I Serve?”

Feeling centered I step forward and found myself by a beautiful fishing hole – first with a single rod, but then I discover that I was being instructed on how to make a net.

I felt happy and open and bright.

I returned to the village and knelt before the elder and asked forgiveness for my behavior.  I was humble.

I presented the gift of the net and the fish and I brought members of the village to the fishing hole and taught the secret of the net.

I felt the danger of my ego getting involved in the process and whenever I felt its tug I separated from the village and sat in quiet meditation and expectation – surrendering and allowing.

Journey #3

9 months ago (May 2009) I experienced an energy surge that affected my facial nerve on the left side of my face – leaving me for a time with symptoms that  Western Medicine has labeled “Bells Palsy”.   As I continue to open and grow and experience many of these symptoms have disappeared and from a “functional” standpoint things are working just fine.

That said – the left side of my face does not yet express emotion very well (eyebrow doesn’t go up and the edge of my lip does not smile very widely) and this lack of expression has been known to create some really tricky communication issues within my home.

So for this journey I set the intention to “Increase my Ability to Effectively Express Myself  Through Tone and Facial Expression”….

As I gaze upon the doors in the Mansion I find my attention drawn to a Green Door – but when I go to open it I find that it is locked.

I kneel before it and open my heart (I can think of nothing else to do) in a state of unconditional love and the door dissolves and I find myself climbing up a flight of stairs which then turns into a snow covered mountain and I am wearing a heavy parka.

It’s cold

I see “me” as a child with a deformed face and I watch as the other children make fun of me and  I see as there taunting makes me angry.

And I watch as this anger creates a mask of stone that encases my face.  This mask creates a physical separation between me and everyone and everything around me.  I see and experience everything through this mask – leaving me angry and separate.


I am the child with the physical deformity.  As the children make fun of me I remember and bring forth what I learned as I stood outside the locked green door.  I move into my heart, I open to the love that I find there and discover a beautiful bright light.

I continue to surrender the pain created by the children’s words into the light and as I do I watch as the light grows.  It surrounds me and begins to affect the people around me.

I choose to keep the light turned on and I and everyone else sees me through the beauty of the light and for the rest of my life I am a center of the community – my clan grows and people feel better just by being near me.

And I find that I love to laugh :-)


As I shared these stories with Iain and Aila and others I find the same question being asked “So – How Have These Experiences Changed You?” “What Have You Learned”

The following is the short list of what has happened since.  There is more and more is being revealed….

*The sense of isolation I had carried with me, almost as my baseline view of life, is gone.  I feel turned on and connected.

*The night after Journey #1 when I closed my eyes I found that the light I saw was brighter than it was with my eyes open.  I was experiencing the light within me.  Since then I have been able to access and witness and work with that light in some really powerful ways.

*I find that when I begin to feel challenged or unable to accomplish something when I remember to sit in stillness and connect a path forward reveals itself.  To me this was one of the key lessons and actions I have recommitted too as a result of these journey.

*I have experienced – through these journey – the power of “beingness” versus “doing”.  In each of these journey’s I experienced the power of stillness and allowing.  I have committed to remembering these lessons and bringing them into each of my moments.

*When I remember to surrender anger and frustration into the the light of the unconditional love that is in my heart than I get to watch miracles in improved communication occur all around me.  In all honesty this is one of the lessons that I am bringing into my physical world more slowly.  I still find myself reacting to those buttons all preteen children know how to find

Practice, practice, practice – and this too shall come  :)


So there it is – a bit about where this Journey has come from, what it is, and what experiences I have had to date.

I am feeling so blessed to be a part of this experience – and I invite you to go on this journey with us…

Click here to Learn How You Can Obtain Your Own Copy of “Re-Writing Your Story”

And after you have worked with it please consider coming back and sharing your experiences with all of us.  I have a sense that it is through the experiencing of these journeys – and in the telling of the stories – that we will all be able to more joyfully, powerfully journey into this next phase of our physical existence…

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