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March 6th, 2011 6:30 PM by Lehel S.


From the time we are born our parents or guardians have used any technique imaginable, from blatant violence to in many ways more damaging subtle techniques of persuasion, including emotional blackmail, invoking guilt, (resulting self demeaning feelings and self destructive behaviour) in order to make us ‘good.’

What is ‘good’, other than a judgmental criticism in a dualistic perception of reality? It is the very concept of ‘goodness’ itself that inherently has, as its inseparable twin, ‘badness’. Just as (just let me duck for cover now) our divisive Abrahamic mythological concept of God cannot exist without a ‘devil’.

No sooner do we enter this body, this world as spiritual Beings, than we get assaulted by the poisoned beLIEf systems of our parents, (and of our parent’s parents, etc, etc). And we still haven’t even seen the ‘news’ or gone to school!

Our sole/soul purpose is to play out our own w/hol e/y role as a unique expression of the divine. This Whole has no concept of good and evil. Where in nature do you find a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ plant, stone or animal ? Where would you find anything ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in the entire universe, other than in the belief system of the human mind?

Good/bad, clean/dirty, useful/waste, living/dead are all concepts and thus manifestations of our perverted beLIEf system. In nature no thing or action is bad or dirty. There is also no dirt, waste or pollution. Every physical entity, every particle, from the greatest to smallest has its cycle, as has Life which expresses itself through the body of our Mother Earth in all its different forms, including you and me. A carbon atom will find itself in your body, a plant, the air, a rock, a grasshopper…..

You cannot embrace ‘good’ without also embracing ‘bad’. And vice versa!

Our purpose as we experience our short earthly existence is one, and one alone.

And there are two ways of putting it. One is to serve your creator.

The other is to serve your own True Life Purpose, as opposed to who you think you are or who/what you believe you ‘should’ be or what is ‘good’.

They are both the same thing. In One Word. Love.

Expressed in its infinite forms and ways

Forget all about a ‘jealous god’, who judged, divided, threatened, ‘smited’ and had ‘chosen people’, a bunch of commandments etc.

Somebody said, that there are no binding ‘commandments’ save the guiding Principle to honour the Creative Principle and (thus) one another. “For what I have done, thee shall also do. Nay, thee shall do better, for thou art Gods”, written in the Gospel of St Thomas which was excluded from the New Testament. I wonder why ;-) .

You see, if we are indeed made in God’s image, (and not the other way around to suit divisive/control interests of control and subservience), as was/is all of Creation, that’s all there is to it. That’s All we (already) Have, to Be.

That is the only way of sanity. Instead, depending on the interests of those we empower to control us, each one of us is programmed with a set of beLIEfs about what is ‘good/bad’. None of those beliefs are really ours. We identify with them as with other attachments, titles, money, ego/sex belongings (spouses) and other external ‘things’ upon which our ego in its insatiable hunger feeds.

We lose, both our identity and our purpose. And as a result we suffer.

We suffer in our own reality. We share the suffering in conflict with our families, friends, colleagues and those in our sphere of influence (which with modern systems of communications, weapons etc gives people in absolute power to rule the planet in absolute corruption, ruthlessly enslaving its population and degrading the planet like never before in our history.)

After all, should a righteous/good (X) not despise (Y) who according to his beLIEf systems is wrong/bad, and with a whole lot of violent past as irrefutable evidence? Look for instance at the Jews and the Arabs. Different versions of the same religion with practically the same religious practices. The same Semitic race, according to their own belief children of the same father. Had it not been for their different theoretical (‘theological’) perspectives, beLIEfs which they have made more sacred than Life itself, would there be any issue in the middle east?

The same applies to all conflicts, starting with internal conflicts and ending as world conflicts. If you look at all regional conflicts, you will find an (external) controlling interest is being served.

Starting from an esoteric (meaning within ourselves) level, for when we subordinate, suppress, insult, imprison, squash our Sacred Mission (i.e. what we Really Are) in order to be ‘good’ according to our imposed beliefs, we develop an inner resentment which is ‘bad’. Thus ‘good=bad’. In fact ‘good’=badx2, as in the first instance it takes us away from our Unique & Sacred Mission, and in the second it perverts its energy, making it come out in ways which cause, instead of joyful, synergistic awareness, greater pain, alienation, conflict and unconsciousness.

This is unavoidable, and this conflict is then projected out into our world and in turn reflected back to us in a vicious cycle.

So what this Life on Earth is all about is so simple. Me BE me. You BE You. Yet we have succeeded in making it so difficult.

Now enough with theory. How to put into practice?

1-Catch yourself, every time you pass a judgment on yourself, another or any situation.

2-Secondly, notice your own behaviour. Are you being influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, fears? When you see an attractive potential mate do you shy away in shame or do you surrender to the Sacred Magnetism of Eros which uses us as its instrument?

When you feel like expressing yourself in any way, even if it’s a beLIEf, in words, in action, in starting a new venture, in dying your hair orange, what motivates the behaviour and what suppresses it?

3-Thirdly, as parents, child carers, be aware of your role in ‘passing the curse of the fathers’ to ‘our’ children. Of our egoic ‘need’ to make them unto our own image at all costs. Also whether or not you approve of ‘your’ child’s behaviour, who is its role model, and who is teaching/reflecting to whom the truth and who is teaching lies?

Consistent with what has been said, there is not good/right or bad/wrong.

There is another reason why we can never judge an action. Because we never know the motive behind an action another takes. In fact we usually don’t even know the real motivation behind our own actions! That is how confused we are! Are you dying your hair orange to provoke a reaction, to vent anger, or because you genuinely like the way you look in it? On the other hand are you not doing it because it may be perceived as being ‘wrong’ by others? Do you desire a man/woman because of who s/he is or because of the fantasy you are projecting onto them? Are you hoping to steal from one another what neither has?

So it is evident that judgment, or seeing life in the polarizing lens of good/right-bad/wrong is ultimately no different whether it is judgment of another or yourself, but you will find that as you release yourself from judgment, the tyranny of good/right and bad/wrong, so, by projection, you will also let go of judging outwardly, choosing instead, as far as you will allow yourself, to actually see yourself, things, people and situations for what they are.

The worm, letting go of its ‘reality’ as a caterpillar, to spread its wings as a Butterfly.

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Posted by Lehel S. on March 6th, 2011 6:30 PM



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