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How You Can Constantly Be in the Right Vibration to Attract by Heather Picken

April 10th, 2010 10:08 AM by Lehel S.

How You Can Constantly Be in the Right Vibration to Attract by Heather Picken

How can I constantly be in the right vibration to attract?

Recently I received this question from one of my subscribers. Being in the right vibration to attract what you want all the time is the key to being a manifesting genie, as I would like to call it. I have to tell you I am really good at manifesting… however, I noticed that when I wasn’t clear about what I wanted I sent out the right vibration and attracted what I didn’t want.

For example, months ago when I was ready to get back into the dating scene after a breakup, I told myself that I just wanted to go out with guys and have fun. Well, I attracted those guys within a week, however, they were emotionally unavailable and I realized that was what I didn’t want. I had to go back to the drawing board and get really specific.

I have an entire process that I use to do this that I teach, but let me give you a small example.

*Attracting the right relationship / soul mate*

He is generous
He is emotionally available
Loves to laugh
Spiritually aligned with me

(you get the picture)

Another thing you want to make sure when being in a constant high vibration to what you want is paying attention to how you are feeling. Check in with yourself every day to notice this. For example, if you got a parking ticket, do you curse and say how unfair it was and stay in that place all day? Or do you acknowledge it and then laugh, understanding the balance in the Universe and that something good is coming your way? When you stay stuck in your victim mentality it lowers your vibration.

Surround yourself with other high vibratory people. Do you ever notice that negative people seem to attract a constant stream of negative events / people to them? They are simply putting out the signal to attract these situations and I have also noticed that they get sick the most. I can’t remember the last time I was sick! In fact, my mantra is that I am healthy and whole and immune to being sick.

I decided after years of getting colds and flu that I didn’t want that to happen anymore. When anyone was sick around me I would declare “I never get sick…I am immune to it.” The great thing was that this statement raised my vibration so much that I could be around people that were sick and it wouldn’t affect my health.

How about raising your vibration with money? I know you want to hear about that!

Here’s a little trick I have learned in the past. Anytime you get a bill or something that you are not thrilled about simply write this:

This is easily paid for and 2x the amount is coming back to me!

I do this all the time and it works like a charm.

Do you want to know if these tips work? Go ahead and try them for yourself and you will see how your vibration will be in a constant state of receiving!


Heather Picken,

The Spirit Trainer

Founder of the Quantum Entrepreneur Program
Learn how to breakthrough & free yourself from self sabotage and limiting beliefs for your business: Attract more clients and money (Free teleclass)

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Posted by Lehel S. on April 10th, 2010 10:08 AM



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