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How Could You Achieve More and Do It Faster?

March 26th, 2011 10:52 AM by Lehel S.

How Could You Achieve More and Do It Faster?


There is a theory that all human behavior is a response to the questions we ask ourselves. When we are hungry or feel a bit chilly, we ask simple questions like, "What's to eat?"

or "Where did I leave my sweater?"


In more complicated situations, we ask more complex questions, like "What career to do I want?" or "How could I make more money?"


As we answer our own questions, we naturally focus on realistic, ACTION-oriented solutions, and we move forward quickly.


Everyday, we ask ourselves thousands of questions. We ask "Why do I have such bad luck" or, "How could I make this sale?" As we ask and answer these questions, we make assumptions about the world around us, and they become the basis for our actions.


The key is to be VERY aware of the questions we ask. Many of the most common questions we ask are not at all helpful because they have NO good answer. Think about how your mind works and the things you focus on with questions like:


***  Why does this always happen to me?

***  How come I never get a break?

***  How come nobody likes me?

***  How come things never change?


The problem with questions like these is that the brain takes them seriously and tries to find the answers! (Think about that!) It comes up with arguments about why you can't change and why nobody likes you - even though you CAN change and LOTS of people like you just fine!


I'm convinced that the questions we ask ourselves are vitally important keys to predicting our success in life.

To change your health, your finances, your love life or anything else, change the questions you ask yourself!


I start almost every day by sorting through a small stack of

3x5 cards, with one positive question written on each card.

This morning I counted them, and my stack happens to have 17 questions in it. (The number varies as I add or replace questions based on how well they seem to be working for

me.) Here are four that were on top of my stack this



1.  What specific do-able actions would move me toward my goals today?


2.  What could I do to make Mary happy today?


3.  What am I most grateful for this morning?


4.  How could I increase our income by $5000 this month?


I do not share these questions because they are particularly special--you might come up with more powerful, more motivating, more helpful examples--but they do make me smile and they do encourage me to get moving. They help me focus on my goals and help me think of creative, positive actions.


What questions do you use to jump-start your day? What questions do you use to open doors, make you smile, and find solutions? To a remarkable degree, the questions we ask will determine the answers we find and kind of life we live.

To achieve more, ask more and better questions.
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Posted by Lehel S. on March 26th, 2011 10:52 AM



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