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April 10th, 2011 3:30 PM by Lehel S.


Taken from The Millionaire Mind Method training course. This powerful system sells elsewhere for $97, today YOU CHOOSE THE PRICE (plus you get $400 worth of extra bonuses)

The goal of this exercise is to help you to begin using the powers of your mind to shape your future the way you want it to be. We will discuss this in much more detail in Session 3, however you should start now and get into the habit of doing it. This exercise should take you less then 20 minutes to complete each day and it will be fun and you will look forward to it. This is NOT a “to do” list. In other words you are only writing down things you already have planned you are not adding things you would like to do.


Create a time sheet to write down everything you know you have to do tomorrow.  List the hours from 6AM to 6PM by half hour increments (except the first hour) – a 12 hour period. We are the most productive during these hours. I have found that this technique works just as well with family situations or get togethers, but for the most part we are focused here on personal business and career development and growth so the hours are daytime hours. If you keep a different schedule (for example you work nights) feel free to modify this and create your own. We recommend that you keep these in the 1” three-ring binder.

You can complete the Time Sheet anytime the previous day but you must complete the instructions in Step 2 by reviewing it just prior to your going to sleep for the night.

You’ll have two simultaneous entries: What you’ll be doing and how you want to feel while doing it.

For example, if you know you will get up at 7 AM, write something like this that time slot:

“wake up at home – feeling good and rested”

If you have to be at work at 8:30 AM, write something like this in that time slot:

“at work, at my desk – happy and ready for the day”

If you have a “meeting with Joe’s team” at 11:30 AM write something like this that time slot:

“meeting with Joe’s team – prepared and confident”

You don’t have to fill in every time slot if you don’t have anything planned for that slot, however, every slot that you know you have something to do and know what you’ll be doing (meeting, dentist appt, phone call, presentation, sales calls, or relative or whatever, ) write it down along with how you want to feel when you will be doing it.

Make as many copies as you want of the Time Sheets and use it every day.

Keep past Time Sheets in the three-ring binder.  Go to Step 2:


Do this Step just prior to going to sleep each night. You have your Time Sheet in front of you for all the activities you know you have to do tomorrow.

Spend 5 minutes or so prior to this exercise relaxing. Have nothing on your mind and get into a relaxed state. Now you’re going to look at the first thing on your Time Sheet.

Imagine yourself already at the time and place for the first entry on your Time Sheet. For example, if you wrote “waking up – feeling good and rested” as your first event of the day then imagine yourself just waking up and feeling good and rested the next morning as if it was already that time. If you are in a meeting the next day, imagine yourself in the meeting and feeling confident or prepared or whatever you think you need so that your presence there is successful. Using your imagination watch yourself as you talk with other people at the meeting, mingling and so forth – as if you were really in that meeting at that very moment. Create, in your mind, the kind of experience you want to happen at that meeting

Don’t take more than 30 seconds on each entry but work your way down the Time Sheet until you get to the end of the day imagining each entry as if it was happening already using your imagination.

That’s the end of this exercise.

KEY POINT: This exercise is very important to your success and we will continue to build on it in future Sessions so it’s important you start to use this technique immediately.

This exercise is important for several reason, but the primary reason is that it can help you create your own future. Most people live day-to-day without an clear vision of what they want to happen in their life. We start this technique slowly and build up to advanced techniques in later Sessions.

Let me give you an example of how powerful a technique this can be:

There was a well documented experiment* conducted by Dr. Alan Richardson, an Australian psychologist that split a group of basketball players, who were tested on their ability to score baskets and were equally weighted by those tests, into 3 groups:

Group 1: Was instructed to come to the gym everyday for a month to practice shooting
Group 2: Was instructed to engage in no practice at all
Group 3: Was instructed to engage in visualizing themselves shooting and making baskets

In other words, Group 3 simply imagined, using their minds, that they were practicing and making baskets yet they never step foot in the gym for the entire month of the experiment.

The results after 1 month?

Group 1 (the one’s that practiced everyday in the gym) showed a 24% improvement.
Group 2 (those that did no practice at all) showed no improvement.
Group 3 (those that only ‘saw’ themselves practice) improved as much as Group 1 who did it for real  – 24%!

So you can see that visualization is very powerful but it can be even more powerful if you combine real practice with visualization.

Why not do this exercise now?

…and let us know how Futuring works for you in the comment section below…

Taken from The Millionaire Mind Method training course where you’ll get other powerful techniques to work along with this one. This system sells elsewhere for $97, today YOU CHOOSE THE PRICE (plus you get $400 worth of extra bonuses)

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