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Creation, The Game of Intentions - Step 1

October 12th, 2009 9:31 AM by Lehel S.

Creation, The Game of Intentions - Step 1


First - Some Guidelines

Remember: This Is Just a Game…….

Whatever you do


Our Objective here is simple - to come together as a community and have some fun playing a game that we create together.  We create the rules, we share our experiences, and then from our combined experience we create the rules.

Sounds simple enough - doesn’t it?  And that’s because it is.  So let us begin…


red gift box

Step 1 - The Bright Red Box

I expect that everyone reading this email has been exposed in one way or another to The Law of Attraction.  From the movie The Secret to The Blue Feather Experiment devised from Richard Bach’s book Illusions to any number of articles on this site and beyond - we have all been told that if we can See It and Feel It we can Manifest It.

But how many of us have?

That’s because when we play with the Law of Attraction to bring to us something that we really “want” but don’t currently “see” in our physical environment we often hold - consciously or otherwise - some level of doubt in the Law and or our ability to use it.

red sculpture

So lets see what happens when we PLAY with the Law just for fun.   Can we, for instance, bring into existence a bright red box?  Two or three or 100 bright red boxes?  If we don’t, so what - its just a game.  And if we do, well then, we will just play together again to create something else.

According to the teachings of Abraham it takes but 17 seconds of Pure Thought to bring an idea into manifestation - so this doesn’t have to take much time.  That said - if you are having fun and really getting into it invest as much time as you like - and go back to it as many times as you like, and as Bright Red Boxes begin to materialize in your world come back and tell us about it..

Because your success will motivate the rest of us.  It will give us the spark we need to create our own Bright Red Boxes.

So what do you do?  Teachers all over have given us lots of tricks and techniques - and if you have a favorite - please use it - whatever works.

For those of us that don’t have a favorite technique I would like to suggest the following….

Get yourself comfortable, take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Hold out one of your hands and imagine that someone has just placed a bright red box into it (if its a big box - hold out both hands).  Is the box heavy or light?  How big is the box?  Shake the box - is there something inside of it?  Use your fingers to determine if the box has a texture to it.  Breath deep - is there a smell associated with it (who knows maybe Grandma’s cookies are in the box :) ).

When you are finished playing open your eyes and simply say “Thank You” for having this wonderful bright red box in your Life.  And then go on about your day.

If you have a friend (or two) you can play with then you can talk to each other about your boxes.  Tell your friends how it felt to find your box - what it looked like and what, if anything, was inside.  Allow yourself to become a child again, playing make believe, have fun and keep it light.

red heartOnce the boxes begin to materialize in your world come back and tell us about them - all of them.  And don’t be too particular.  Whether you see a picture of a bright red box in a magazine or someone hands you an expensive gift wrapped in bright red paper - come back and tell us about it.

If you’ve discovered some great technique that helps with your game, share it!

These successes build on each other - and as we celebrate each other’s successes the power of the game will grow.

(Hint! - Readers from the UK, Post boxes and Deal or No Deal boxes don’t count :) )


Winners and Prizes…

The prizes for winning this part of the game are Bright Red Boxes and a bit more confidence in your ability to Create that which you focus on.

As for declaring a winner - well - in our world of Limitless Creation and Cooperation there is room for many many winners - So to Win all you must do is Decide to Play.


The Next Step:

The Next Step will in many ways be up to you.  What would you like us to manifest together next?  Or maybe you have a mind power/personal development game you can share with readers? What other guidelines would you like to see added to the game?  What techniques would you like to share that have made your own experiences more powerful?

Please visit this page for ideas and suggestions for evolving Creation…

From your thoughts and experiences will come Step 2 and Step 3  and Step 4….

Our Game is designed to be never ending and ever expanding and all inclusive.  All are welcome, everyone invited (including your children - just imagine the fun of playing make believe with your five year old).  Just bring a smile and a willingness to play.

Questions about the bright red box game?  Ask them below and we will give you our best answer…

General questions about the Creation Game? - Please ask them at this page

No Questions?  Then what are you waiting for - create some bright red boxes

I am having fun already - just thinking about it

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Posted by Lehel S. on October 12th, 2009 9:31 AM



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