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Create Your Own World Class Life:

June 12th, 2011 8:28 AM by Lehel S.


Every spring for fifteen consecutive years through last May, I held our annual World Class Life conference at a wonderful retreat center in Wisconsin. We kept each year's group small, but over time hundreds of people from at least eleven countries joined us to design their "World Class" life and develop powerful strategies to achieve their dreams.


It was a wonderful thing and as spring begins, I miss doing the conference and seeing familiar faces. Many people attended several times, and dozens of them became close friends. After all those years, it seemed like it was time to move forward and I don't regret ending the WCL conferences, but I sure do miss them!


The redeeming virtue for me is the knowledge that anyone can develop a World Class Life and you don't need any particular conference, location or program to do it. You do, however, need certain skills.


A wonderful life doesn't "just happen." It's not an accident and it's not luck or chance that makes good things happen, while keeping the bad and painful aspects of life to a minimum. A life of peace, passion, purpose and fulfillment is not the result of unusual intelligence, education, having the right parents or a good job.


Rather, a World Class Life is a work of art, carefully nurtured with love and dedication over time. It's the result of doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time, over and over again. And, it requires the discipline to avoid doing the wrong things that are so tempting at vulnerable moments.


The glorious good news is that anyone can learn these things! The intriguing bad news is that so few take the time or make the effort.


I've argued that a great life is actually easier, more comfortable and more convenient than a life of frustration, confusion or embarrassment. As I see it, a great life is the reasonable result of addressing life's "little things" when it's tempting to avoid them, while most of life's pitfalls are the predictable result of giving in to the "little temptations" that seem so attractive in the moment.


I'm seriously considering doing a World Class Life webinar this spring, and if you would be interested in that, please let me know. If there's interest, we'll do it.


In the meantime, here are four steps that I consider fundamental to designing, creating and living your own World Class Life:


1.  Clarity about the life you want. It's often said that most people spend more time planning a party than they do planning their life. How, exactly, do you want to live? What do you want more of? What do you want less of? What are your values and priorities, your loves and your annoyances? Be clear. Write it down. Design the life you want with clarity and precision. Then go after it with power and purpose.


2.  Maintain extremely high standards. This means keeping your house clean, balancing your checkbook, taking care of your health, getting enough sleep, keeping a reasonable schedule, doing your work, treating other people well and insisting that they treat you as you wish to be treated. The quality of your life is in the details. Set very high standards.


3.  Acquire the skills you need. A World Class Life requires tools and skills, it requires know-how and courage. A World Class Life requires that you meet the demands of life with elegance, style, confidence and grace. Learn what you need to know. Study. Get a coach or mentor, take classes, attend the workshops. This is your life --  get good at it!


4.  Persistent Self-Discipline. A World Class Life asks a great deal of us. It demands that we get up and get started.

It demands that you do the things most people avoid, that you pay attention, that you show up, that you go the "extra mile." A World Class Life has lots of time for play, but when work or diligence are called for, winners do the right things, in the right way, in a timely manner. Practice self-discipline.

There is no other way.


A World Class Life is the right and challenge of every human being. No one can stop you from creating and living the life you desire! It's all within reach, but a great life does require something of us. It requires a plan, excellent standards, good tools and the discipline to live the life you desire.
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Posted by Lehel S. on June 12th, 2011 8:28 AM



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