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Activate the Happiness Virus In Your World

June 26th, 2010 8:16 AM by Lehel S.

Activate the Happiness Virus In Your World

Just this afternoon I was struck by a comment a beloved friend made…

Our Problems are small relative to the horror that is happening in the World – It Makes Me So Angry To Learn…”

I then listened for a few minutes as he began to list the horrors going on around him -and I realized how quickly I could add to the list.  Seems everywhere you look in the world today something horrible is taking place – from Devastating EarthQuakes to Erupting Volcanoes, to Whole Countries Facing Economic Collapse, the list goes on and on and on…

And I realized as I listened to him how much these stories have infiltrated our lives.  Turn on the TV to get a weather forecast and listen to the horrors of the Oil Spill off the coast of Louisiana,  turn on the computer to check your emails and find the latest on the coal mine collapse, check the kids backpack and find the list detailing the dangers of Swine Flu, overhear people talking in the SuperMarket wondering what next product will be pulled from the shelf because of Ecoli…

Let’s face it – anyone who expects the world to be a fearful place has lots of evidence to prove their point.

So – I have to ask – how does all this make you feel?  As you consider the list of reasons why the world is falling apart do you feel empowered, large, ready to make a different in the world?  Does your light shine and your smile radiate?  Are you inclined to fill you day with life enhancing activities and Random Acts of Kindness?

Or does it make you feel fearful and small  or angry and indignant.  Do you find yourself talking about the stories and looking to place blame and building it up in your head until you can’t help but conclude that the world is filled with big problems – much bigger than your little ones – and you should be grateful for what you got because so many have so much less..

I know how it makes me feel when i let myself go there…

And when I said as much to my friend – when I suggested that perhaps it would be better if we kept our focus on what feels good – on what we want to expand – he struggled with the idea because for him it felt like a denial of what is and his truth demands that he remains present with the what is being shown to him in the world.

And I could see his point.  I mean – whether we like it or not these stories are all around us – and unless we close ourselves completely from the world the stories will find us one way or another – and to deny that they exist will not keep them from infiltrating our subconscious and affecting our experience of the world.

As we talked an idea came to me – a way where we can all be present with the stories we are hearing in such a way that we – collectively -transform them.

To help make this idea clearer I want to first refer you to two posts that have been previously published in the ezine…

Quite some time ago I published an article “Worry and Love Cannot Occupy the Same Space“, did you read it?  I would love to know what you think about it.

In another article in the Ezine we introduced the concept of Mind Viruses – a really interesting read and an important concept – so if you aren’t familiar with it why don’t you take a quick read and then come back – I can wait for you :-)

What if we look at all this talk about Natural Disasters and Terrorist Attacks and Economic Ruin as  Mind Viruses that are affecting us and – by our fear based response – are being spread.

And then what if we create  New Mind Viruses – Let’s Call Them “Happiness Viruses” – that we infect each other with – that are Stronger than the Fear Viruses – and that we Feed and Care For and Help Grow  and Spread- and then we – by our intention – move them into those same spaces that had been occupied by the Fear Viruses

Just Imagine – Within the Context of  “What You Focus on Expands” – What the World Will Be Like If We Really Make This Viral?

Looks Good – Right?

So Let’s Get Started…

Step I: Pick the World Fear Virus You Wish to Transform – whichever one is uppermost in your mind – name it and put it aside for the moment (in other words don’t focus and feed it – just say hi)

Step II: Get Happy :-) and share

Remember a story – an event in your life – a video you have seen – a meal you shared – that makes you feel happy. Take the time to share it in the comment section below (it will become part of the viral portion of this plan).  If its a video – watch it – if its a short story – read it – a memory – write it out for us and then take the time to really relive it – remembering the sounds, pictures and feelings until your whole being is filled with happiness.

Something that makes me happy – every time – Laughter

Step III: While remaining in the state of happiness direct your thought toward the Fear Story.  Picture the happiness flowing over and through the devastation and heartache.  See the light increase and the people involved smile.  Use the power of your imagination to change the story into one of love and happiness.  And stay with it for as long as the happiness within you remains strong (once you practice this for awhile you will find that the happiness within you begins to grow as you flow it over the story of fear – at which time stay with it for as long as you want)

Step IV: Repeat Often – daily if you can – and switch up the happiness stories you use.  Bookmark this post and come back and read other peoples happiness stories and use those – and add more of your own.  And also let us know in what ways the Happiness Virus is transforming your own life experience.

Step V: Spread the Virus!!! – Let’s not contain this within the confines of our small community.  Share the link  http://evolutionezine.com/happiness-virus with your friends, on twitter, on facebook – where ever and however you can.  We may not have the power of  Network TV,  Newspaper, Yahoo or Google – but we do have each other – and if everyone who reads this post shares their experience – and then gets just 3 friends to participate – who then get 3 friends – who then get….

Well – then – before we know it we will have infected the World !!!

One more thing and then I will leave you too it.  Because it’s one way I stay happy I will be choosing a comment a day – for as long as comments keep coming in – and will gift the writer with something from our store.

So – what are you waiting for – let’s get happy :-)


About the Author

Cyndi Krupp has spent the last ten years in study, meditation, contemplation and prayer and the more she learns the more she realizes she hasn’t yet begun to scratch the surface. Through her work putting together the weekly Evolution Ezine she intends to bring to the world community as many different approaches to Living Our Highest Best Life that she can.

There are Many Ways up the Mountain :)

Cyndi appreciates any and all comments about the Ezine – what’s been appreciated – and how you feel  it can be made more effective.  She is also always looking for content ideas and articles – Have Something you want to Share?  Just Let her know by visiting http://evolutionezine.com/share/

And, As Always, She is Sending Much Joy to You and Gives Thanks that We  All Get To Share This Magnificent Journey Together…

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Posted by Lehel S. on June 26th, 2010 8:16 AM



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