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May 29th, 2011 2:06 PM by Lehel S.


Of all the Stress Relief Techniques at our disposal there is no question that gratitude is one of the most powerful.  Gratitude is something that can be practiced by anyone at anytime, anywhere.  This simple, yet powerful, shift in focus instantaneously increases the vibration of the energy you are expressing to the world.  Gratitude can, and does, opens you up and prepares you to receive more and more things you can practice being grateful for.

You don’t have anything to be grateful for, you say?  Is that true? Is that really true? How about using the following script the next time you find yourself looking at only those things that are getting you down….

Thank you, I am so grateful for this roof over my head, what a wonderful way to keep the rain out of my home.  Thank you for this switch that turns the light on  that allows me to see.  Thank you for the refrigerator that keeps my food cold, and the running water available to me anytime I desire.

Thank you, I am so grateful for the hot shower I took this morning, and the clean towel and clothes I had available to me when I was done.  I am very grateful for the use of the flush toilet, I realize it wasn’t to long ago that not even the Queen of England had it as easy as I.

Oh. thank you so much for this air I breath and the water I have to drink.  I am so grateful for the skin, muscles and bones that hold my organs in place.  Isn’t it wonderful that I have this body to move around in.  Thank you for this access to the internet and my ability to connect with new friends and teachers from all over the world.  Never before has so much been available to so many.  I am so grateful to be here, now, able to enjoy it all, able to learn and grow from it all.  The power is phenomenal, I can feel it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Feel free to read the above whenever you find yourself focusing on what it is you don’t have.  It will, every time, help you shift the power and bring you closer to the smile that lights up the world.  Then, to really rev up the power continue to shower your thoughts with those personal things that you are, in this moment, grateful for.  Like me…

I am so grateful to the internet for letting me reach all of you like this.  I am grateful for all the teachers I have worked with who have so lovingly shared their experiences in a way that has enhanced my ability to serve.  I am grateful for that power which I call God which I feel flowing through me, and which I now direct toward you, in love and service.  I am grateful for ever client, every friend, who has ever benefited from the work that I do. I am so grateful for the knowing that even in this moment, now, the energetic power that I call God is working through me, for you, in a way that serves your highest and best good.  Thank you.

I am so excited, and grateful, for this medium, that will enable me to reach so many more than I have before.  We are all unique beings in a loving energetic field, and we all have within us a spark of genius that is capable of increasing the love, joy, and peace experienced by all those who share this planet.  I am so grateful for whatever part I may play in releasing your “spark of genius”.

Why don’t you take a moment right now and send a comment letting me know what you are grateful for.  Not only will that one simple act increase your vibration, but it will also increase the vibrations of everyone who reads your comment with an open heart.  One of the many wonderful side benefits of Gratitude is that it is so easily shared.

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Posted by Lehel S. on May 29th, 2011 2:06 PM



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