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August 6th, 2011 8:26 AM by Lehel S.


Most of us go through life with far too little support from the people around us. We start out in the morning full of life and energy, but after a few encounters with negative people, we lose our momentum and quickly drift into indifference.

Even if we set “New Year’s Resolutions” and put more effort into staying positive, a few days or weeks of criticism, low expectations, and outright sabotage is all we can take before we give up and go back to the old way of doing things.

Is there any wonder why we cannot reach our goals?

Escaping the Trap

A tiny minority of folks do break the odds and escape the trap. Most of them do it by isolating themselves mentally from the people around them. Sometimes this is done literally, as they stop dealing with all but their most positive friends and associates, who deal with the negative people for them.

More often, this is done figuratively, by constantly focusing their attention on positive messages. They become avid readers of success books, as well as books on positive thinking. They start buying every audio program they can find with a positive message, and have these tapes and CDs playing in the background while they do their work.

The strategy here is to ensure that the number of positive messages they see and hear far outweigh the number of negative messages they get from the people they meet throughout their day.

In personal development circles, this process is called “belief entrainment”, because the constant flow of positive messages helps to ‘entrain’ your belief system to expect positive outcomes, which leads to confidence, self-esteem, and unstoppable motivation to accomplish your goals.

Implementing Belief Entrainment in Your Life

There are a few ways you can implement belief entrainment in your life.

The first, and perhaps most difficult, is to eliminate every possible source of negative messages. Some folks who try this will stop reading the newspaper, listening to the news, and going out in public where they could encounter negative people. While this will help shift the balance of incoming messages from negative to positive, it is far from a complete solution in itself.

The second approach is to spend as much time as possible reading positive books, listening to positive audio programs, and hanging out with positive people. While this is a much better approach than the first option, the disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time. With so many folks burdened by full schedules as they struggle just to keep up with daily life, there may not be enough time left to invest in quality personal development.

The third, and perhaps most accessible approach, is to create (or buy) audio recordings specifically made for the purpose of belief entrainment, and play these in the background as you go about your normal routine.

Creating Your Own Belief Entrainment Recordings

While it is certainly possible to create your own audio programs, there are several obstacles to overcome. For instance, most people don’t really know what types of positive messages will have the best results. And even if you do, there’s still the time issue to deal with. Writing a script, practicing it until you can read the lines with confidence and enthusiasm, and then producing the recording is more than an evening project.

If you’re set on the idea of creating your own belief entrainment recordings, I suggest you get a copy of “Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams“. This $17.95 book (available at the author’s website as well as Amazon.com)gives you an excellent guide to uncovering the beliefs within your mind
which need the most attention, and shows you exactly how to rewrite these beliefs so they give you the confidence and motivation you need to reach your goals.

Once you have a list of beliefs that will counteract the negative influences in your life, the next step is to practice saying them until you can do it with complete confidence. When you play your belief entrainment recording, your inner mind will be listening, and any hesitation or insecurity will be picked up. When your inner mind hears positive statements said with full confidence, it will believe them much more than if they came across as insincere.

And finally, you’ll need to record yourself speaking your new belief entrainment statements. Any decent microphone you can plug into your computer will work. Most computers come with a “sound recorder” application. If yours didn’t, or you want something with more features, you can download and install a copy of Audacity , a free program designed to give you the tools you need to produce professional-quality recordings.

If you need any help with the above step, there are many wonderful articles online to help you.

Once you’ve created a belief entrainment recording, the only thing left to do is to play it as often as you can. The advantage with this type of recording is that you don’t need to focus your attention on it. As long as you can hear the statements, even if barely, your subconscious mind will notice them and absorb them over time.

Buying Belief Entrainment Recordings

When looking for quality belief entrainment recordings to purchase, there are a few factors you want to consider.

The first, and most important, is the source of the material. Who created the recordings? Do they have the required expertise to know what belief statements will be effective, and which ones are nothing but fluff and filler? Do they understand the intricate relationships between beliefs and how they interact with each other? Too many belief entrainment recordings use statements that SOUND good, but have little or no effect. Verify that the creator of any program you consider purchasing has appropriate credentials.

Next, how many beliefs are addressed within the material. Some belief entrainment recordings contain only a handful of statements, while others address 50 or more. When the creator of the material understands how various beliefs interact with each other, the greater number of statements will cement the new material in your mind that much stronger.

And finally, what technologies do they use to enhance the recordings and make them more effective? Some recordings are nothing more than a series of statements with a background of music or nature sounds. Others include several enhancement technologies such as brainwave entrainment, NLP, or ‘diversity’ — a technique of presenting the same material in multiple formats, therefore increasing the overall effect. In general, these enhancement technologies make the process of belief entrainment go faster, and you’ll find yourself reaching your goals much sooner.

Expecting Positive Results

Once you have one or more belief entrainment recordings, the only thing you need to do is play them as often as you can. As you do, your subconscious mind will absorb the positive messages, which will lead to increased confidence, self-esteem, motivation, productivity, and so on.

Obviously, when you feel good about yourself, and are motivated to reach your goals, you’ll get a lot more done, and it will be so much easier than when you were struggling against negative messages hammering at you everywhere you go.

Let me give you a quick example of how I used belief entrainment recordings in my life. At the time, I was a photographer working for LifeTouch, a national chain of studios specializing in school portraits. I was working for $10 per hour, and not having as much fun as I wanted.

I wanted to have my own photography business, and I knew I needed help to boost my confidence and motivation to reach my goal. Here’s what I did.

I started by writing down a list of positive messages — statements which affirmed the reality I wanted to see in my life. I spent several days preparing the list, making sure that I covered every aspect of my belief system relating to what I wanted to accomplish.

Next, I practiced saying the statements aloud. Right away, I knew I had to edit several statements, because they didn’t flow like natural speech. I had to spend several days working on this as well, until I could say each statements in a way that sounded confident and ‘real’.

Recording myself speaking the statements was easy enough, mostly because I’ve always been a techie kind of person. Once I had all of the statements recorded, I simply copied the recordings until it filled a 45-minute audio tape. (My car at that time didn’t have a CD player.) I used this final recording to fill both sides of a 90-minute tape.

Being a LifeTouch photographer, I spent several hours in my car each day, driving to the various schools in our district. Playing that tape constantly got pretty boring, as the only thing on it was my voice, but I kept listening to it. (Since then, I’ve learned many ways to make these recordings much more interesting.)

Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that I started to have more energy. It was easier to stay focused on the work I needed to do to build my own photography business. The negative influences around me didn’t hold me down as much as they did before, and my progress really started to take off.

Although the results in this case weren’t immediate, I’m convinced my new photography business would not have happened if I didn’t use that belief entrainment tape. As primitive as it was, it helped me build my belief system to the point where I was earning as much as $1000 per hour doing work I loved.

That’s why I encourage everyone to use belief entrainment recordings. Whether you create them yourself, or buy them from trusted sources, you’ll find that reaching your goals is a whole lot easier.

I wish you much success and happiness.

About the Author

Alan Tutt, author of “/Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams/”, is a recognized authority on beliefs and the power they
have over our lives. His website, www.PowerKeysPub.com , contains a wealth of information for anyone seeking to research this subject. There, you’ll find a number of free reports and samples of his brand of belief entrainment recordings, called “Success B.R.A.C.E.S.

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Posted by Lehel S. on August 6th, 2011 8:26 AM



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